Be sure to press the back button to see the previous page, today is a double feature! On a side note, I have decided that I would like to increase the panel count and size of each comment since for now, updates will only take place on Tuesdays until I can get more time in between my schedule to update more often (yes, it will happen eventually.) I feel like since this webcomic isn’t particularly dialogue heavy, I have a lot more flexibility with how much I can show at any given time. So from now on, I will probably include at least 10-12 panels per webcomic installment for many of the pages, not all, but many of them :D!

I’m really happy with how tropical this page looks! I’m really fond of the ocean and wildlife so I was really going for an island look here, hehe.

As always, thanks guys for reading. Cosmos Song is still a new story, it’s only been up for about a week now but from what I can tell, it’s being received really well so far which makes me very excited! Stay tuned for the next update!

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